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The Sun, Son

Happy Father’s Day!! The words to this poem came to me during an early morning walk. I felt so loved and alive and am grateful that my heartfelt sentiments, spontaneously, manifested through spoken word.

I believe THE FATHER of all Fathers is saying to every one of us, regardless of where we are from, race, ethnicity, gender....we have a Father....a friend in heaven who love us with an everlasting love.

As often as the sun shines, let it be a reminder to let the SON shine through you. We are here to be vessels of peace, hope, faith and love!

I tried the Emoji Video for the first time to record my poem, this was super easy and fun! Check it out.

Part 1

Part 2

The sun was so kind to me this morning

It lit a blaze in my eyes

I felt it’s warmth

And the cool windy breeze

Greeted me and renewed my mind

The sun was so kind to me this morning

I walked with jubilee

My stride was paced with promise

My shoulders was relaxed with peace

As my arms swayed like a happy kid on swing

I inhaled the air to fill my lungs

As I exhaled with relief

Ahhh, the morning essence

Set the tone of my soul a singin’

The sun

The sun

The sun rose to greet me yet, again

I am here

I am glad

I am alive

To shout aloud

The SON is my friend

The Sun, Son

By Santiana JB

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