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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

The singer sings

The painter paints

The dancer dances

The writer writes

But who can see what the dreamer dreams of? And why does it matter so much?

There stood a house

It seemed so big

To a child’s beaming eyes

It was said to bring relief

But once inside

The ceiling was filled with dark clouds

The child couldn’t run

Because of being pinned down

Though surrounded with many people

This wasn’t a place to call home

The child soon discovered

What it meant to be all alone

So every thundering night

The child whimsically escaped

Flying up so high like a common crane

The adventures were to outer space

To be amongst galaxies

To see all the planets of the solar syste

Mars, Jupiter, Venus

Oh how marvelous

The child laughed, played

learned, and ate

Even wore a colorful cape

Dreaming became an endless space

A lovely place to call home


Who needs to see a dream

When a child believes?

Even the darkest house

Can trap the dreamer but never the dream

So let the child sing

Let the child paint

Let the child dance

Let the child write

Let the dream be fulfilled

Once and for all

A house was not built to contain a dream

The dreamer dreams what only a child’s eyes can blissfully see


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