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Dear Future...Present...Past

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Dear Future,

As I write to you filled with so much joy, I am elated for what is to come. My heart's desire is to write with you, for you, as you are in me and I in you. Within our very being is life to behold, a glorious story to be told, to cherish forevermore. And in this moment, as I write to you, Future, I know you and I are one. A celestial creation of faith, hope, and everlasting love. 

Dear Present, 

Wow, look at you...who would have known? But then again, your brilliance shined a path for me to learn the wisdom of truth...and that it endures. In truth you are living the American dream, a dream you dared to dream, and learned would carry you through to today. And today, as a woman of color, working as an Engineer who has managed projects worth over $25 million and are your ancestors' glorious dreams fulfilled, indeed!

Dear Past,

I simply want to thank you. Thank you for birthing resilience within my soul. Thank you for allowing this young immigrant girl to flourish where there seemed to be no hope. Thank you for the remembrance of debilitating statistics which fueled my youthful soul to be relentless in pursuing my aspirations to rise above all the limitations as I believed I could be somebody of my choosing...not what others tried to speak over me. Thank you for making a true witness out of me, that all things work together for the good of them who loves the Lord! Romans 8:28

To my Future, I promise to surrender to you with a grateful and opened heart. To my Present, I abide by you today and every day with the gift of truth. And to my Past, thank you for giving me a strong foundation birthed in faith, hope, and love. 

Je Taime de tout mon couer!

Santiana Jean-Baptiste


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