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STEM with Santiana


Highlights: STEM Heroes Animated Web Series

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 STEM Hereos

Created and produced by Santiana Jean-Baptiste, STEM Heroes is an animated web series developed to pique students' interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This action-packed, dynamically layered cartoon features four adults chosen to use their STEM knowledge to solve problems that will help students engage in, learn, and retain STEM concepts. Together they battle the devious Icks, who were sent to infiltrate the minds of children everywhere in order to prevent them from learning the STEM principles. By disabling students from thinking and working on their own, the Icks' tries to achieve their sickening plan to ultimately take over planet Earth. The STEM Heroes, along with the help of the team at the STEM recruiting headquarters, work tirelessly to keep students engaged in STEM so they can defeat the Icks indefinitely.

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Santiana Jean-Baptiste

Ms. Santiana Jean-Baptiste is on a quest to provide fun-filled, educational and inspirational videos to help others learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 


As a first-generation college graduate, Santiana became a chemical/biomedical engineer to help improve the quality of life for all humanity. She has over 15 years working knowledge in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, specifically in engineering project management, new product development, materials and polymer technology, and validation engineering. Santiana travels the United States as an engineering project manager and certified quality auditor, expanding her expertise in the biotechnology field. In addition to being an engineer, she writes poetry, and is the creator and producer of an animated web series, STEM Heroes


Santiana’s ingenuity and astute leadership skills, coupled with her French-Creole background, have contributed to this being a wondrous and sometimes super-comical journey. Befittingly, she loves to laugh. . . which makes her experiences that much more memorable!  


This site was created as an artistic outlet to display an eclectic, reflective expression of faith, hope, gratitude and love. Through animation and spoken word sprinkled with humor, Santiana aspires to inspire others to embrace who they are, no matter what their background. . . and above all, to continue to soar in STEM and beyond!  


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